This school was established in 1989 by a number of parents along with Mrs Dian Cockcroft, the present Principal. Their reason for opening such an institution was to create a safe and and caring environment in which meaningful learning could take place for learners.

If you cast your mind back to 1989, you will remember that in South Africa black children could not attend any school of their choice and you will also remember that violence at schools in the townships was rife. Mrs Cockroft had been involved in teaching black adults since 1975 through the struggle 1976 and was familiar with the problems being experienced in a number of township schools.

For 15 years the School operated from a derelict building behind the Benoni Railway Station. After many years of struggling under extremely difficult conditions, they were fortunate enough in 2003 to move to a wonderful building in Park Street, Benoni, (the old Hillel School). We now have a Science Laboratory with limited equipment; a small Media; an Educators' Workstation and a playground for our children.


St Francis College is not a Catholic School despite the intimation of the name. However, the School is based on Christian principles with respect for all other religions. The name was chosen because of the opening words of the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi... 'Make me a channel of Your peace...' (which is now the school song). In the late eighties, when the School was established, there was much violence which affected the schools in the township areas, safety and security was needed.
Not only was St Francis established to provide quality education for children, but also to provide a peaceful, safe environment in which meaningful learning could take place.